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ProtonMail sucks

ProtonMail is an end-to-end encrypted email service created in 2013 by scientists who spent time at the CERN research facility.

ProtonMail is incorporated in Switzerland and runs all of its infrastructure exclusively in Switzerland meaning its outside of EU and US jurisdiction.

They like to use this fact to advertise just how 'secure' their service is. But how can an email service suck? Here's why


Yeah. Limitations on an email service...

With a free account you only get a dismal 500mb allowance with futher restictions going as far as number of folders, messages per day and no filters or multi-user support.


I understand the need for income to support a open-source service (in fact, I list way cheaper and better paid services below) but restrictions such as these means other users will go towards less restricive services and pay for those. Oh and no third-party client support...

No clients or third-party support

Now this is a huge one for anyone who wants to use there email like a normal address. Due to ProtonMail's """security""", they don't allow third-party applications to access the clients email's without paying for 'ProtonMail Bridge' (this is included in the premium plan subscription). Yeah, """premium""" feature, allowing you to use your email... What?

Pointless VPN service

Like EVERY VPN service, they are pointless, money wastes that are only good for is geo-restrictive content (e.g. US Netflix shows).

"My VPN company doesn't keep logs."
"How do you know?"
"Well they said so."
"Uh huh!"

Tom Scott's video on this topic UPDATE 07/03: Wolfgang's Video on VPN Privacy

I may write a blog on this situation later down the line.

So what now?

Use other services:

Both of these are around 1 EUR / month with no restriction!

Mailbox: Better pricing! Posteo: Same as above (also both are 100% powered by green energy from Greenpeace Energy.)

Mailbox allows for 25 alias for one email address (allowing for more secure account creation) and the ability to make throwaway email addresses for when that is needed (3 EUR / month).

Create your own!

I highly advise to learn the contents of this video:

Luke Smith's 40+min video on website and email creation

Extra link!