# Windows 11... # Bloated up the arse mate # Other such terrible Windows issues (11 and before) # Conclusion


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Windows 11...

Microsoft unveiled its upcoming new operating system, Windows 11. It looked promising with full android support and neat (and completely useless) widgets to customise the user experience. However, they have introduced restrictions on the hardware that the operating system can run on.

If for some reason you are running Windows (honestly switch to Linux mate, even if its Ubuntu or Mint) then you may run into issues with updating to the new OS.

Webcam's are a requirement starting from 1st Jan 2023

All Windows laptops will require at least a forward-facing camera. Yep, that means every laptop, smartphone, and tablet. And not just any webcam will do, either; it’s gotta be HD, meaning 720p with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 and 1:1 aspect ratio. Furthermore, it also needs to have support for auto white-balance and auto exposure.

TPM 2.0 Check

TPM or "Trusted Platform Modules" are dedicated processors on PC's that have hardware encryption functions (Used in Windows Hello and BitLocker). Never heard of a TPM? That's because not all laptops or desktops have this module meaning updating is not possible - this cuts out a huge custom PC building community and any DIY users looking to build systems.

Oh and if you want to get such a module... cough up $24 lad

TPM Module Cost (Twitter)

And the e-waste issue of having these incredibly stupid restrictions is colossal. Run Linux, you won't need an entirely new computer to update the OS.

Bloated up the arse mate

64 GB is needed to install Windows 11 on a hdd/ssd. No Linux I have come across is above 3 GB (and that includes GNOME/KDE, LibreOffce, Firefox, Code Editors, Image Manipulators, Video Editing software, PDF viewers, Backups, etc.).

Other such terrible Windows issues (11 and before)


Windows 11 will still be the bloated mess that everyone knows since decades. Nothing special has been added to Windows that Linux users have had since the early 00's. It's a useless OS and more people need to switch over to Linux ASAP.