# Free and Open-Source Software I use!
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Free and Open-Source Software I use!


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Currently I am using Arch Linux (credit to ufetch for ascii) as I try to avoid corporate-backed operating systems such as Ubuntu and Fedora (because what's the point in that!).

I've tried switching to many Debian based distros (Mint, Devuan) and even Void Linux but every time I miss the AUR, Arch User Repository. It's the greatest upside to Arch (or Arch-based distro) over many other distros.

I've never really benefited from a "stable release" desktop focused distro, always feel like I'm behind with software. "Rolling" has always made sense in my eyes for my use case (of course Debian for servers is must).

Currently I am using the i3 WM but looking to move over to BSPWM or DWM (patching dwm is holding me back).

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Linux Mint Debian Edition

This is my goto Debian distro if I was to swap from Arch for some reason. "LMDE aims to be as similar as possible to Linux Mint, but without using Ubuntu. The package base is provided by Debian instead."

Web Browsers


Written in in Python using the QtWebEngine, this is my browser of choice at the moment. It beautifully blends Vim-like bindings for navigation and sensible defaults.

Also the config.py files is well documented and even allows for "custom" search engines e.g. "yt [item]" is "youtube.com/results?=search_query={[item]}". Bliss.


Chrome-based Brave is what the default installed web browser everyone should have. Built in ad/trackers blocking by default and comes with ant-fingerprinting abilities (even comes with a built-in Tor browser!).


Just a really nice browser.

File Manager


Terminal-based applications are pure brilliant and this is no execption. Lightweight, simple and configurable!


Very similar to ranger but with more functionality written in C instead of Python. I may swap over to using it!



A fast, cross-platform, OpenGL terminal emulator that is supported across loads of platforms (BSD, Linux, macOS and Windows (legacy OS)).



I've really been into podcasts a lot recently and gPodder is perfect for keeping locally stored podcasts episodes that automatically download and delete themselves after either being played or after a few days. Also comes with a search function!


CLI-based podcast player that I used for a while until the project stopped being updated. Really nice UI and allows for streaming from feeds, something I haven't gotten working in gPodder.

Text Editors


Simply just a better and cleaner code-base version vim! All the same plugins and configs work the same too.


Much like Sublime, just free! Sublime is still great though.



I am a strong believer that this is the best program. Ever. This is an all-round great media player. Easily scriptable, playlist functionality, low overhead and can even stream YouTube/Twitch videos in perfect 1080p60fps with no problem!



The perfect 'App Store' for Android. Really simple to install on any device via F-Droid's website. No more bloated ads or terrible apps!

Below I will add software I find that I like:

# NewPipe

This is what YouTube SHOULD be! Using I believe it uses youtube-dl as a backend, this app allows you to:

# Noice

A simple Ad-free indefinte background noise app.